Keith London tells buzz feed why he sang Beyonce's " If I Were a Boy" without changing the pronouns, his thoughts on the controversial reaction from the judges, and how fans are responding to his decision to come out as gay.

Keith London tweeted. "Wait did i just basically come out on National TV. Oh well cats out of the bag."

Keith London creates a lot of talk on American Idol

Keith London's Homecoming!!

March 6-16

Keith is coming home and boy is he making an entrance. He has shows/ events/ meet & greets/ and so much more. Make sure you click the show tab for the latest updates on shows, venues and start times.


Keith London answers some personal questions about him and his decision to come out as gay on American Idol.

-What made you pick "If I Were A Boy" during Hollywood Week

The Standard Speaker covers London's future steps.

Standard Speaker

Keith's  Thank You

Keith home town visit was a huge sucess and he couldnt be happier with everything and everyone