Keith London is a Hazleton, PA native -- born and raised in a small town 100 miles south of NYC, far from the bright lights and big city living.   Keith had a somewhat normal life, dealing with many of the same struggles we all go through. In eighth grade, Keith discovered he wanted to be a singer during a class project in which he learned the power of what music can do: inspire and create emotions within people.  As this newfound desire awoke within him, he realized that one must be devoted to the craft. He has worked very hard at finding his sound and who he wants to be as a singer and this journey still continues on today.  Keith’s hard work paid off and landed him in Hollywood Week on Season 13 of American Idol. He learned so much from his experience and it was a pivotal step during his amazing journey.  Keith is currently in the studio creating his first album and singing around the country as he continues on his incredible journey of becoming the best entertainer he can be. 

                London  created an uproar when in Hollywood Week after singing "If I Were A Boy" followed by "Same Love," fans and LGBT supporters from around the country reached out to Keith commending him on his efforts and bravery for being the first OPENLY gay contestant on the show.  The following week during group round he was cut from the show after making it to the top 75.  Life after Idol "has been super life changing", says Keith in an interview by, he now has his foot in the door and between the amazing sponsors helping him, the fans falling in love with him, Keith's work ethic and talent, that door isn't going to be shut any time soon!

The Story of My Life